You’ve seen Gnarbie rip it up on the slopes, but get ready to witness some of the biggest names in snowboarding as Legos. Visual artist account legosteeze is on a mission to bring pro snowboarders into the Lego world. While actual Lego models of these pros don’t exist (yet…), this artist has done a convincing job of making these Legos seem real.

Legosteeze currently has Lego versions of Marcus Kleveland and Stale Sandbech shredding the gnar (as well as a bonus box feature of gimbalgod). These renderings have captured the attention of the subject matter and some huge brands like Nitro Snowboards, GoPro, and RedBull. Legosteeze promises to feature more pros in the future. In the meantime, check out the most recent clips below or maybe even buy yourself a Lego mountain set.

Marcus Kleveland:

Stale Sandbech:

Photos and Videos Courtesy of legosteeze