So here I am growing older all the time (yes that’s a Goldfinger reference), while skateboarding prodigies get younger and younger. It’s not very often that true talent is discovered at such a young age, let alone twice! 9-year-old twins Jayden and Jaxon Aleman are up-and-coming skateboarders from Houston who are already taking the world by storm. Although they only have two years of skateboarding to their names, they have demonstrated immense talent equal to many of their much older peers. These kids stomp 540s better than I can in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Speaking of skateboarding’s greatest legend, these twins had the opportunity to practice at Hawk’s private vert ramp (where they met the legend in the flesh). Like Hawk, they aspire to be pros and X Games contestants. Unlike Hawk (mainly due to unfortunate timing), they have their eyes set on the Olympics. At the very least, they have a headful of hair that is reminiscent of the early days of Shaun White (sans tomato color). Will these twins make their skateboarding dreams come true? As someone who was very uncool and untalented at 9, I sincerely hope they do!

The Aleman Brothers have an endless gallery of their skateboarding prowess on Instagram. You can keep up with their growth on their social media and Youtube accounts. Check out their recent interview with KHOU 11 below:

Photo and Videos Courtesy of Function Skate Supply and KHOU 11