Filmmaker and ski legend Scott Gaffney is auctioning off two copies of the legendary Squallywood, written by Robb Gaffney, M.D. and featuring the iconic bonus chapter by Shane McConkey, to raise money for Robb’s GoFundMe.

Two copies of Squallywood—the first book of its kind in the ski world and the birthplace of G.N.A.R.—donated by an 84 year-old friend of author @robbgaffney . The books are used but in great condition (both are signed for the previous owner on the inside title page, but we could get it signed for you, as well).” – Scott Gaffney

Robb Gaffney began his first battle with acute myeloid leukemia over four years ago. For two years, the cancer appeared to be mostly under control, but a growing pain and recent studies showed that the leukemia was burrowing into his bones. Though the family is hesitant to ask for help, Lou McGee, a friend of Robb’s wife, has set up a GoFundMe to assist during this period. The two copies of Squallywood will go to the highest offers of donations to this GoFundMe.

The books will be awarded separately and go to the two highest offers of donations to Robb’s GoFundMe. Since Squallywood has been sold out for a decade and isn’t available anywhere, in the spirit of spreading the love, one person shall not get both books. All proceeds will go straight to Robb and his family as they continue pushing through his cancer battle.” – Scott Gaffney

Squallywood: A Guide to Squaw Valley’s Most Exposed Lines was the first book of its kind, documenting and rating over 150 lines across what is now Palisades Tahoe. The bonus chapters, written by the iconic Shane McConkey, along with each line’s rating, gave birth to the game of G.N.A.R., the focus of GNAR The Movie and an endless amount of mountain fun.

Either post your offers here or—if you wish to keep it private—hit me with a DM. I will try to pin the leading offers daily both here and in my stories. ENDS 12 pm PST AUGUST 21

Image Credit: Scott Gaffney via Instagram