The original concept map from 1961. Only the plans for the lower mountain came to be.

Arguably one of Alberta’s most famous abandoned ski areas is also its most unknown. The reasons why Pigeon Mountain is so mysterious is that no trail maps have emerged on the internet (minus a conceptual image above that was made before it opened), and the photos of it back when it operated are scant. Piegon Mountain had two life cycles: from 1962-69 and then 1977-1980. Once hyped as the next great Canadian ski resort, insufficient snowfall, warm winds, and a fatal lift incident chilled Piegon’s plans for glory.

In the video below, Skier72 breaks down the brief history of the ski area, the considered expansion plans, what caused it to close twice, the remnants of the ski area, and the topography of the runs.

Image/Video Credits: Skier72

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