Same energy

It’s been a warm summer in Southern California, as many are missing what was a wet winter. On Friday, the temperature reached a brutal 92 degrees in Burbank. With the weather being so unbearable, it was only time before a certain animal appeared.

On Friday at around 3:30, a resident at a house in Verdugo Mountains’ foothills called in to report that a bear was hanging around the exterior of their home. The Burbank Police Department shared a video of a bear trying to cool off. How much the bear cooled off is debatable, as the animal jumped into a jacuzzi.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Burbank Police Department, Burbank Animal Shelter, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported to the scene. After the bear barely chilled out, he jumped a nearby fence, scaled a wall, and climbed a tree next to the house’s rear side. The authorities left the scene after they realized that the bear was sleeping.

If you’re looking for some advice on how to deal with black bear interactions, this visual guide from the Burbank Police Department is an insightful read.

Image/Video Credits: Burbank Police Department

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