Coolest home climbing gym

Climbing is a killer sport. It’s both a ton of fun and a great work out, and it can act as a pretty social activity. After doing it for a year and a half, though, I still struggle with the accessibility of it all. Weight training and pull-ups is essentially all you can do at home to get better at the sport, and even that won’t move you forward very far without a consistent climbing routine to go along with it.

Unlike pure weight lifting, running, biking, or plenty of other sports, you can’t get away with climbing purely at home or out of your home. You need to go to a gym or an outdoor area. That is, of course, unless you’re willing to convert a section of your house to an indoor climbing gym, but most homes don’t have quite enough space for a project like that. The next most logical move is to convert your backyard barn into a climbing gym, right?

Okay, obviously most people don’t have a large barn in their backyard. And, if they did, there’s a very good chance that barn wouldn’t be structurally sound enough to mount climbing holds to. Noah Kane and his family are incredibly lucky that they have the space to do this, but this is an incredibly cool project, one that I wish I could check out in person.

Not only is this an incredible project, but the video itself is just very well made. Kane is, no doubt, an incredible film maker. I would love to climb in this gym though. In some odd way, that barn feels very homey and welcoming.

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Image Credit: Noah Kane via YouTube