“They come fully ready to occupy. The floors there the cabinets are there the fixtures are there, the inside of this building is a complete[ly] finished apartment.”– Lorie Best, Breckenridge Housing Manager. 

If ski towns want to build affordable housing quickly, it’s time to start thinking modular. 9News and CBS Colorado report that a new sixty-unit workforce housing building is taking shape in Breckenridge, Colorado. The apartment complex will feature studios, along with one and two-bedroom units. The rental rates are expected to be between $800 and $1200 a month. In addition, the complex will be powered by solar panels.

This worker housing complex is being built by Fading West, a Buena Vista, Colorado company that has built over two hundred homes. This is their first major apartment build, with more coming in the next few years.

The main benefit of building modular apartments is that they are a lot faster to construct compared to other developments, leading to a faster move-in time. Putting all the boxes together only took around six days, which is a prompt building time. In addition, the shorter construction time reduces costs.

The 9News report said that they are hoping to open this complex for the 2023-24 ski season, while the CBS Colorado article said that it would be open by early 2024.

Video reports from CBS Colorado and 9News are below.

Image/Video Credits: 9News (Featured Image), Fading West, CBS Colorado

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