The Lake Louise community has been left reeling this week after a major fire destroyed the Charleston Residence.

The Calgary Herald reports that on Monday, more than 100 people had to be evacuated from one of Lake Louise Ski Resort’s employee housing. The Charleston Residence, which was built back in 1985, is believed to be a complete loss. This leaves the 165 employees that were living there without a permanent home. Luckily, no known was killed by the fire. Due to this, they kept the ski resort’s summer activities closed yesterday, and they will remain closed today as well.

CTV News Calgary reports that Timothy Alexander Peterson was charged with arson and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. Peterson was found by Lake Louise RCMP on the roof with a knife. He lost his footing on a ladder after being told by firefighters to come down, landing on a mattress that was put there by RCMP. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries and is in stable condition.

Dan Sawyer, who was one of the residents of the employee, said the following about the disaster.

The GoFundMe, which was started by displaced resident Otto Thomas, aims to help the employees that have been displaced by the fire. Lake Louise has also told people to donate to Banff Canmore Community Foundation. For people that live locally, a donation bin by Lake Louise Ski Resort has been set up.

Lake Louise released the following statement on the devastating fire, which you can read below.

Image Credits: Otto Thomas (Featured Image), Dan Sawyer, Lake Louise Resort

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