Unofficial Fact: the 90’s was the supreme era for sitcoms. If you are anything like me and everyone around me, your personality is based on your favorite sitcom. While I’m not about to argue which 90’s sitcom is best (it’s Frasier), I can help you find your next ski trip destination based on your favorite sitcom. Here’s the US resort to visit for each sitcom lover:

Friends: Your friends are everything to you, and you think it is completely reasonable to spend every waking moment with them. Unsurprisingly, you want to take a ski trip with your close group of buddies and the occasional significant other. Wake up, ski, après, repeat. You need a wide variety of runs and things to do for everyone, so you should head to Park City.

Seinfeld: Why create your own opinion when you can like what everyone else likes? You follow the masses and are a firm believer that things are popular for a reason. You are perfect for Vail.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: You beat to the sound of your own drum. You often look like the red-headed stepchild in a sea of bougie people. You aren’t afraid to branch out and do the unexpected in front of the 1% surrounding you. You will enjoy Kirkwood (but stay away from the rest of Tahoe).

Full House: Family is everything. Live, laugh, love. Kids run the show in your home, so why should that change for a ski trip? Take them to the kid-centric Keystone.

Everybody Loves Raymond: You hate your in-laws, yet they keep showing up at your doorstep. You need to do everything in your power to keep them from following you on vacation. You seek out the most remote ski resort possible. You are heading to Alyeska.

Fraiser: You act bougie because you know you are better than everyone else. You don’t want to go to a dinky local spot; you want gravitas. Everyone should be catering to your every need because you spent a lot of money. You will fit in perfectly at Deer Valley.

That 70’s Show: You are from Wisconsin. You still live in Wisconsin. You have never left Wisconsin. You will never leave Wisconsin. You will go to Granite Peak in Wisconsin.

Will & Grace: LGBTQ+ pride is your thing and you aren’t afraid to show it. Don’t stop wearing rainbow just because you are at a ski resort! Head to Aspen for their legendary Aspen Gay Ski Week.

Home Improvement: You are a DIY kind of guy who is a little rough around the edges. You are ready to be your own guide and take every part of this trip into your own hands. You don’t need lodging when you can build your own hut in the parking lot. You should visit Silverton during their unguided months.

King of Queens: You are a New Yorker through and through. You want to be surrounded by New Yorkers because they are the best people on the planet. New Jersey can kiss your fanny. You are going to Gore Mountain and will tell everyone who isn’t a New Yorker that they can pound sand.

Did you find your next ski trip destination? In the mean time, here is one of my favorite quotes to use on the mountain:

Photos and Video Courtesy of Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince, and Guardian Prime