I love a good playlist to get me hyped for a day of skiing. Even better, I love songs that are a bit on the nose when it comes to referencing snow, the location of where I ski, and/or the exact excitement for the day. Even EVEN better, I love songs that capture those feelings and are classic rock. And by classic rock, I mean actual classic rock and not Blink-182. The nominees for best classic rock song for skiing (in no particular order) are:

Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin: Be honest, you knew this one would be mentioned. The opening lyric is “We come from the land of the ice and snow.” Does it get more to-the-point than that?!?

White Room by Cream: Another song with a killer opening line: “In a white room…” I’ve seen many reels that use this opening line on a powder day, and I *may* be guilty of using it too. If you haven’t heard the Apocalyptica version, you should listen to it RIGHT NOW.

Rocky Mountain High by John Denver: This song is for my fellow Colorado ski bums. As the unofficial theme song for the state, I can’t think of a better song to listen to as I ski my favorite local places.

Livin’ On a Prayer by Bon Jovi: Whether you are halfway there on your drive or on your uphill ascent, Bon Jovi captures the excitement and optimism of reaching the mountain destination. Bonus points for capturing the praying I do when I need to ski around a group of children.

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen: This song always pops in my head when I’m going dangerously fast down the mountain. The lyrics are right; I am having such a good time and I am having a ball!

Free Ride by The Edgar Winter Group: “The mountain is high, the valley is low.” Why yes, yes it is. Free Ride continues on from the strong opener with nothing but cruising vibes. This one is a goodie when you know you’ve used your season pass enough times that you are basically skiing for free.

Mama, I’m Coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne: If you are anything like me, finally pulling up to your favorite ski resort is like coming home. This song is always running through my head as I hop on the first chairlift of the season or when I’m back on my favorite run.

Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh: Did you spend the last year Rocky Mountain way and couldn’t get much higher? If so, then this is the song for you! As someone based in the Rockies, I shamelessly scream sing it in the car. Admittedly, I like the Godsmack version better.

Nothin’ But a Good Time by Poison: “I’m always workin’, slavin’ every day.” And I do this so I can afford to ski. After a long work week at what feels like 18 jobs, ripping down the mountain reminds me that the work is worth it for the good time.

Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd: Why is Free Bird in this list? Because it’s friggin’ Free Bird!

The vote of one has been tallied, and the winner is….. *drum roll* ….. Mama, I’m Coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne! This song truly captures how I feel when I roll up to the ski resort every time. Bonus points were also awarded for the fact that this album came out the month I was born (umph I just dated myself). A close second and honorable mention goes to Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, because I do in fact come from the land of the ice and snow. Do you agree or disagree? Ultimately, I don’t care, but I hope you have found a few of your favorite classic songs to rock out to on a ski morning.

Photos Courtesy of Led Zeppelin Archives, Ozzy Osbourne, and Ski Patrol

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