Like most millennials, my dogs are my children and the center of my universe. I have three beautiful ding dongs, and all three of them love a good adventure. While they are always down for joy rides in the 4Runner, hiking in the summer can be a more difficult situation. My favorite child and hiking buddy is Loki, but as a mostly black husky-mix, he overheats almost immediately in the summer sun. As a result of my efforts to keep him alive in the heat, I’ve found a joy in taking him to ski resorts in the summer.

Ski resorts here in Colorado allow dogs on their hiking trails, but did you know that some resorts also allow dogs on their gondolas? To keep Loki in good temperature and in good spirits, I’ve taken him on many gondola rides (mostly at Winter Park and Keystone). The temperature at the top is almost always very comfortable for him and his thick coat. Since he didn’t have to hike up, it keeps him at a lower starting temperature for our journeys. On a particularly hot day, we will hike around the trails at the peak and take the gondola back down. On a nicer day, we will hike back down to the bottom. The views are always lovely, and Loki ends the day in good condition.

Another benefit of taking my dogs to ski resorts in the summer is the numerous post-hiking dining options. Loki and his sisters Lilly and Freyja are champions of the après ski parking lot party, and their love of socializing continues in the summer. After a gondola ride and a good hike, they are on their best behaviors when we hit the patio for drinks and food. All of them love the attention of kids that are surprised to see them at the ski resorts. Between the time I get to spend with my fur babies and their happiness in the outdoors, bringing them to ski resorts will always be a favorite summer activity for our family.

Photos Courtesy of skiingsolo

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