J Skis Launches The World's First Modular Zipper Skis!

J Skis Launches The World's First Modular Zipper Skis!


J Skis Launches The World's First Modular Zipper Skis!


On April Fools’ Day, some companies try their best to trick the consumer and some try their best to simply make the consumer laugh. J Skis is one of the companies that focuses on the latter, and they do it darn well. In 2021, they released the incredible Velcro Binding, introducing the world to a brand new (and more or less useless) technology, and in 2022, they dropped the skis built for snowboard bindings, something very few have ever asked for.

This year, J Skis pushed the limits of innovation even further, releasing the incredible ZIPIT! modular skis, using zippers to allow for amazingly easy transportation. Need longer skis for a day? Simply switch out the tip and tail to make the skis longer! Need twin tips for some park laps and a flat tail for some groomer turns? Switch out the tails! It’s so incredibly easy!

​”Being the first ski system in the world to incorporate zippers, J has secured a leadership position in the market by entering into a 10-year exclusive agreement with the world’s largest zipper manufacturer, YKK. They are the proven leader across hundreds of other industries, thus are the obvious choice as a long term partner. They’ll be working hard to integrate this solution into the next generation of skis within the ski industry.” – J Skis press release

This is probably one of the funnier, if not the funniest, April Fools’ jokes I’ve seen this year. Of course, in true J Skis fashion, they released an incredible product video to go along with the press release (the true contents of the joke). It definitely seems like they actually skied on these zipper skis, despite how ridiculous (and useless) they look!

Image Credit: J skis via YouTube

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