Ski Instructor Whacks Jumping Snowboarder With Pole (Watch)

Ski Instructor Whacks Jumping Snowboarder With Pole (Watch)

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Ski Instructor Whacks Jumping Snowboarder With Pole (Watch)


Can somebody explain what the heck is going on here?

Snowboarder Halfcabking was filming a jump line when he was dangerously obstructed by a ski instructor.

The instructor claims that he was blocking the jump so that his kids could pass safely through, but something isn’t adding up.

Check out the full thing below:

There’s absolutely no reason for a ski instructor to whack a snowboarder with his pole mid-air, right?


Halfcabking“I honestly have no idea why this man would do this. I am beyond grateful it was not another guest as I would hate to see people turned off the sport due to his actions. It is clear to see he just does not like snowboarders citing times in the past .

The fact his class was no where around and that he did not hit the other riders going by , I can not help but think this was a fast thought with rage and not the first time. It does scare me to think people like this are teaching children and I do hope this is the last time this ever happens to anyone on the hill again. Especially from an employee.

I do not think the resort is at fault as I know this type of behavior is not accepted . I do however think this man needs to be held to a higher standard. I truly always try to inspire and bring good vibes on the hill. Unfortunately we all run into a few “Deans” in our time.

I hope we can grow from this, learn , and treat each other with a bit more love and respect.”

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