Snowboarder Caught In Avalanche In Tuckerman Ravine (Video)

Snowboarder Caught In Avalanche In Tuckerman Ravine (Video)


Snowboarder Caught In Avalanche In Tuckerman Ravine (Video)


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^Ski routes in Tuckerman Ravine, Credit: Go East

Believe it or not, but Mount Washington, New Hampshire has its very own avalanche forecasting center.

While avalanches can happen anywhere, Mount Washington is essentially the only place on the entire eastern seaboard where avalanches regularly occur.

You can click here to learn more about the Mount Washington Avalanche Center.

The video below shows a snowboarder getting carried in an avalanche in Tuckerman Ravine, a popular backcountry skiing and riding spot.

It appears that the skier above him triggered the slide.

Check out the video:

Avalanche in tucks yesterday from skiing

According to the brief observation report posted to the Mount Washington Avalanche Center, everybody was okay (thankfully).

This slide reportedly occurred on February, 25th, 2023 below The Lip in Tuckerman Ravine. The picture below shows the aftermath of the slide and the snowboarder and skier standing below:

If you have any additional information about this incident please send me an email:

Please stay safe out there, friends!

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