WATCH: Highway Patroller Nearly Run Over By Semi-Truck

WATCH: Highway Patroller Nearly Run Over By Semi-Truck

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WATCH: Highway Patroller Nearly Run Over By Semi-Truck


This winter in Western North America has led to some sketchy driving conditions, especially for semi trucks. On Tuesday, the Wyoming Highway Patrol posted a recent video of a close call between an officer and a semi-truck.

Snowy and windy conditions led to an out-of-control semi-truck that crashed into a snow bank. The highway patroller, who was inspecting the crash, was walking back to his vehicle when he saw the semi-truck barreling towards him, and he narrowly escaped it. The truck miraculously crashed into the snow bank in between the other sidelined truck and a speed limit sign.

I’m glad to say that the officer was ok and that no injuries or deaths were reported. It’s a great reminder for every driver that when a highway patroller is in the emergency lane, you need to move over and slow down. The video from Wyoming Highway Patrol is below.

“Move over and slow down for emergency vehicles! One of our WHP Troopers nearly got hit by a commercial semi-tractor and trailer recently. The near miss occurred near Rawlins, Wyoming, on Interstate 80. The tractor and trailer driver could not maintain control of his vehicle and ran off the roadway and into the median. Luckily, no law enforcement or first responders lost their lives to this out-of-control vehicle. Please remember that emergency personnel wants to be able to make it home safely at the end of their shift. Please slow down, and move over for emergency vehicles.”– Wyoming Highway Patrol

Image/Video Credits: Wyoming Highway Patrol

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