What Is "Watermelon Snow"? (Watch)

What Is "Watermelon Snow"? (Watch)


What Is "Watermelon Snow"? (Watch)


Red and pink snow can be spotted during the spring and summer months, and is collectively known as ‘watermelon snow’.

While there aren’t any fruits growing in this snow, the red color comes from algae blooms that are survive in the melting waters of the dwindling snowpack.

ABC4 Utah spoke with Scott Hotaling, a professor at the University of Utah, about what ‘watermelon snow’ is, and how it affects the snowmelt in Utah.

Check it out:

Do yourself a favor and don’t eat the ‘watermelon snow’, okay?

For that matter, don’t eat any snow that isn’t white.

Actually, on that note, don’t eat any snow that is remotely close to an area frequented by backcountry skiers and snowboarders.

The world is their bathroom.

You know what. Just don’t eat snow. It’s probably for the best at this point.

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