WATCH: Skier Accidentally Sends It Onto Road

WATCH: Skier Accidentally Sends It Onto Road

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WATCH: Skier Accidentally Sends It Onto Road


The video below, while a couple of years old, shows one of the craziest skiing accidents I’ve ever seen.

Jakob Neuhausser was skiing with pals in Obertauern, Austria when his season came to an abrupt end.

Rather than just rolling over a hill as Neuhausser expected, he ended up launching over the entrance to a tunnel and landing on the road.

Check it out, the crash is at the end of the clip embedded below:

“A spontaneous 6 meter ended what has been an awesome season.
The crash fractured my right thigh, my pelvis three times and one rip. In addition I bruised my lung a bit. I’ve never been so scared before and never been so relieved to hear that non of the damages would be permanent.
They might put up some kind of fence at this spot ; )

Big thanks to @lukasmuehlbacher and all the helpers, paramedics and doctors who saved me and put me back together.”

I can’t imagine anything worse than smacking onto a paved road when you’re not expecting it.

What’s even crazier is that this wasn’t the first time an accident like this is happened. Yeah. For real.

I was able to dig up the video below which shows an unknown skier falling victim to the same trap.

Check it out:

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You know, and maybe I’m crazy for suggesting this, but wouldn’t a simple sign, rope, and/or fence be pretty useful here?

I don’t pretend to be the smartest guy in the world, but I’m pretty sure one of those options just makes sense at this point, right? RIGHT?!

Somebody tell me I’m not crazy.

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