Introducing Rossignol FORZA- The Ultimate Carving Machines

Introducing Rossignol FORZA- The Ultimate Carving Machines


Introducing Rossignol FORZA- The Ultimate Carving Machines


The new FORZA line from Rossignol provides skiers with a world-class selection of carving machines.

From beginners to professionals, there are seven skis in the FORZA line that allow piste skiers to progress.

“The new FORZA line reimagines the traditional limits of piste skiing. By building shorter turn radiuses into longer, wider skis, we’ve amplified stability while maintaining that familiar feeling of setting an edge—providing top-of-class power and acceleration for carving.”

Check out the informative product video below for more information:

Rossignol has built the FORZA line to encourage progression amongst skiers that love to lay down big carves on groomed runs.

The maximum angulation of each ski measures just how far skiers can expect to be able to drop their hip towards the slope as they’re making their way through a carve.

See the picture below for reference:

Graphic of different carving angles expressed in degrees

Recreational skiers can achieve a 20-degree maximum angulation with the V-FG 1080, while expert skiers can drop the hip to 70+ degrees on the V-T1 Master.

“FORZA skis are designed to let you drop your hip and ride the rails with maximum angulation, pure and simple.”

Check out the full lineup with maximum angulations below:

Whether you’re an east coast skier looking for your next piste ripper, or you’re a western skier looking to add the ultimate carving tool to your quiver, you should look no further than the Rossignol FORZA line.

You can click here to learn more about FORZA.

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