Dior, POC Collaborate On Ridiculous $1,000+ Chest and Back Protector

Dior, POC Collaborate On Ridiculous $1,000+ Chest and Back Protector


Dior, POC Collaborate On Ridiculous $1,000+ Chest and Back Protector


Have you ever thought to yourself:

“Man. I love skiing and snowboarding, but I’m worried that I’ll hurt my back when I’m sending a big cliff! I know there are reasonably-priced options for less than $100, but I really want something *special*.”

Look no further than the Dior and POC Chest and Back Protector that sells for a whopping $1,200, my friend who has too much money on their hands.

French designer brand Dior has partnered with ski goods maker POC to create the most expensive back protection we’ve ever seen.

DIOR AND POC Chest and Back Protection Worn view Open gallery

“Dior is delighted to update its collaboration with the Swedish brand POC to reveal the exclusive chest and back protection, joining technical expertise and couture spirit.

Supple and lightweight, the protection is composed of a chest plate with CD Diamond Dior and Poc signatures, as well as a Dior-printed back plate.

Designed without a jacket or vest, it adapts seamlessly to the body’s contours and offers freedom of movement as well as exceptional shock absorption.

Crafted in a material that softens upon contact with body heat and hardens upon impact, the chest and back Protection offers certified support and optimal ventilation. Boasting distilled technical ingenuity and Dior style, the protection celebrates the elegance of a body in motion.”

I wonder who is actually in the market for one of these.

Are there hardcore skiers and riders that are going drop more than a grand on this stupid thing? Probably not.

This over-priced marketing scam is most likely meant for rich kids who think they’re good enough to need a back protector, but aren’t.

Welcome to the ski industry in 2023, baby. We’ve got sh*t that nobody needs at prices that hardly anybody can afford.

I love it here.

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