Ski Area To Ban Anybody Caught Destroying Marketing Signs

Ski Area To Ban Anybody Caught Destroying Marketing Signs

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Ski Area To Ban Anybody Caught Destroying Marketing Signs


Beaver Mountain, UT is in the news today for an interesting social media post related to vandalism around the mountain.

Beaver has noticed that multiple signs have been ruined by somebody (or somebodies) poking holes in them.

As a response, Beaver has implemented a new ‘policy’ that punishes anybody caught in the act moving forward. Here it is:

“It’s sad we have to say this but here goes: After several of our local partner’s marketing signs have been vandalized, we have implemented a new policy.

Anyone caught poking holes in these signs will lose their pass. They will also lose their privilege to come back to Beaver Mountain.

Please have some #respect for these great local companies that love Beaver Mountain.”

May be an image of snow

Seems a little harsh, but you gotta do what you gotta do to protect revenue streams when you’re a small ski area.

Beaver most likely relies on the business generated from local and national partners hanging ads around the ski area. It’s easy to see how the advertisers wouldn’t be so happy if their signs are being ruined.

Just don’t be a d*ck out there, friends. I know you’re annoyed with how commercialized skiing has become, but Beaver is one of the last down-to-earth ski areas left in the country.

Big deal if they want to hang ads around the chairlift. At least it’s not a Walt Disney World experience like some other resorts across the country.

The Mountain - Beaver Mountain Ski Resort

If your itch to vandalize needs a scratch, just slap stupid stickers on chairlift poles like any normal person.

At least the general public can actually enjoy a few giggles about a sticker that shows a skiers holding onto a cow’s tail with ‘Ski Ohio’ as the caption.

Header Image Credit: Beaver Mountain/Indy Pass Media Kit

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