The Washington State Department of Transportation is celebrating as a cougar was spotted for the second time using one of their new Critter Crossings on I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass.

The Critter Crossings are designed to allow animals to cross over or under the bustling interstate.

Watch as the cougar (as seen using an infrared camera), walks into view of the perfectly-placed camera.

WSDOT: “Happy 2023! And it was definitely an exciting start to the new year for us as for just the second time, we caught footage of a cougar using one of the crossings in our I-90 Snoqualmie construction area!

The cat crossed south to north at Unnamed Creek (milepost 60.9, a little east of the Snoqualmie summit) at 3:51 a.m. on New Year’s Day! This is the same location the first cougar crossed at in Oct. 2020.

Pretty great to see wildlife using the crossings, creating safer travel for them and for drivers!

Consider this my unofficial petition for states and cities across the country to build critter crossings along major highways.

Allowing animals to roam somewhat free again is so important!

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