Mystery Solar Powered Antennas Popping Up Around Salt Lake City Foothills

Mystery Solar Powered Antennas Popping Up Around Salt Lake City Foothills


Mystery Solar Powered Antennas Popping Up Around Salt Lake City Foothills


“It might be related to cryptocurrency and relaying networks and being able to make money off that so that’s another reason we want to stop it now before it becomes a dumping ground for dozens and dozens of more antennas.” –Tyler Fonarow

Whats the deal with these mysterious devices found in the foothills of Salt Lake City consisting of a locked battery box, a solar panel, and an antenna:

“These towers have been bolted into different peaks and summits and ridges around the foothills and it started with one or two, and now it might be as much as a dozen.” –Tyler Fonarow, SLC Recreational Trails Manager

KSL reports the first ones were discover about a year ago but many more of the small unpermitted towers were found in recent months and its a mystery as to who is installing them. Officials are in the process of removing them and its no easy task:

“Once we get up to the Twin Peaks, it gets real steep, so we were up there. There were five of us, and then we took some kids’ sleds to bring the equipment down to make it a little bit easier on us.” Tyler Fonarow

In additional to the ones found on Salt Lake City public lands, more have been discovered on property managed by the Forest Service and the University of Utah.

“Since Salt Lake City leaders alerted the University of Utah to the unauthorized solar panel towers in the foothills northeast of the Avenues neighborhood, University of Utah representatives have been actively coordinating with City Public Lands officials to determine whether any member of our campus community is connected to the towers. As far as we know, the tower located on university property is not owned or operated by the university. We appreciate Salt Lake City’s collaboration and dedicated efforts to identify the owners.” –University of Utah 

The cryptocurrency angle is just of many explanations the city has heard. Trail officials may learn more once the locked boxes are opened. If you have information about these towers or who they belong to, please call the Salt Lake City Public Lands office @ (801) 972-7800.

images from SLCPublicLands Facebook & Michael Locklear Twitter


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