The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife’s Twitter account is getting a lot of attention after Tweeting about a false cougar sighting report.

Out of fear of ruining the joke- check it out for yourself below 😂:

The Tweet has 295k+ likes, 32k+ Retweets, and has been viewed 14.5 million times since it was posted on the morning of January 9th.

To say it’s gone viral is an understatement!

To whoever filed that report, I too would also like to talk to you.

I just have a couple of questions-

  1. How involved is reporting a cougar sighting with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation?
  2. Did you spend a lot of time?
  3. How drunk were you when you filed it?
  4. Are you satisfied?

Kudos to you for making a dad-joke that made the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Twitter account go viral.

I guess that’s pretty cool?

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