Excellent example of why skiing with an alert partner can save your life. Last March, AMGA-certified ski guide Peter Biskind was in the backcountry with his ski partner Keree Smith when an avalanche broke downslope of his position. Looks like Peter was feeling his turns and unaware of the danger ahead before Keree gave him a holler and Peter stopped dead in his tracks. Thats teamwork:
“Listen to your partners! Avalanche Education video (audio on). My spotter Keree Smith did a great job of both watching and communicating what she saw – before I did. Maybe she saved my life? Maybe she saved herself having to pick up my skis- either way I’m stoked. Remote trigger? Surface Hoar? Sunshine? Excited via helicopters? Many factors in this mix Fo Sho. Pick your safe zones wisely, pick your partners just the same.” –Peter Biskind
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