WATCH: Introducing Crocs-Country Skiing (Hilarious)

WATCH: Introducing Crocs-Country Skiing (Hilarious)


WATCH: Introducing Crocs-Country Skiing (Hilarious)


Cross-country skiing is one of the weirdest sports out there.

As far as we know, it’s the only activity where you can be excruciatingly hot and cold at the same time…

Brendan Carberry (@outsidebrendan) has made a huge advancement in cross-country skiing tech that could change the sport forever.

Rather than having to wear those annoyingly warm and comfortable cross-country skiing boots, Carberry has designed a modification that allows him to glide on snow using the most comfortable shoes known to man- CROCS.

Introducing Crocs-Country Skiing:

Gotta give Carberry props for being creative, but I noticed one major flaw in his video. Why didn’t he put his Crocs in sport mode?

He was sooooooo close to having this down. All he needed to do was flip that rubber strap down around his heel and he would have been golden.

Oh well. Props to Carberry for being innovative. Somebody needs to get this dude a job at NASA.

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