Big Sky Mountain Products' New Mohair Mix Skins Are Game-Changers

Big Sky Mountain Products' New Mohair Mix Skins Are Game-Changers

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Big Sky Mountain Products' New Mohair Mix Skins Are Game-Changers


All of us that enjoy recreating in the backcountry are looking for ways to improve our experience, right?

Whether it’s shaving a few ounces, or improving overall performance, there’s something to be said about the reward in investing in quality gear.

The brand-new Mohair Mix Endurance Ski Skins and Persistence Splitboard Skins from Bozeman, MT based company Big Sky Mountain Products are the next big advancement in backcountry skiing and split boarding.

Big Sky Mountain Products spent years of prototyping to reach the perfect blend of speed, grip, and durability in the mountains.

The Mohair Mix is a 65/35 mohair/nylon plush blend that’s been tested in all conditions, even at 8,000m in the Himalayas. The result is a fantastic product for all ski mountaineers and expeditioners.

Here’s some more information from Big Sky Mountain Products on their revolutionary Mohair Mix:

“This skin is as light and foldable as those from our leading competitors, is faster out of the box, and is far more durable. Combined with our self-renewing, non-toxic glue, these skins will never fail you no matter how many transitions you have in a day.”

^Credit: Matt Shortland (@shortlandmatt)/Big Sky Mountain Products

So, what’s the catch? Do these skins cost an arm and a leg? The short answer is that there is no catch, and no, they’re actually pretty darn affordable.

Big Sky Mountain Products is able to keep the cost low because their products don’t have to ship from Europe, and there’s no middle-man.

The Mohair Mix Endurance Ski Skins come in a few different options: The Universal Length (200cm) ranges from just $159.99-$189.99, and $169.99-$199.99 for the pre-assembled option.

The Mohair Mix Persistence Splitboard Skins are just $199.99.

The products start shipping today (12/20/22), and make for the perfect last-minute gift for the skier or splitboarder in your life.

^Credit: Iain Kuo (@mtniain)/Big Sky Mountain Products

Click here for more info on the Mohair Mix Endurance Ski Skins from Big Sky Mountain Products.

Featured Image Credit: Joey Sackett (@Joey Sackett)/Big Sky Mountain Products

Header Image Credit: Chris Kussmaul (@ckussmaul)/Big Sky Mountain Products





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