RECIPE │ 100% Female Freeski Documentary

RECIPE │ 100% Female Freeski Documentary


RECIPE │ 100% Female Freeski Documentary


“RECIPE is a 100% female freeski documentary, filmed during the winter of 2021/22. From the steep mountains of the French Alps to the streets of Salt Lake City, this movie highlights the current level of women’s freeskiing, while going deep into the motivations, mindset and shared sense of purpose needed to push their limits on skis. It’s a movie about the strength of a female action sports’ collective.”

Highly recommend you check out this next level all female freeride ski film directed by Coline Ballet-Baz. Here’s how Coline describes her objectives for the new film project:

“The idea behind this movie was also to portray both individual characters, and the beauty and the power of the collective in an all-female movie. We questioned ourselves on what motivates us to push our limits on skis, the commitment required for filming, or how fear and doubts can sometimes be part of the game.”

Directed by Coline Ballet-Baz.

Produced by BUG Visionaries & Blue Max Media

Two years after her first short film Skivas, Coline Ballet-Baz is back on the front of the stage with a new video project, Recipe!

For her second film, the 30-year-old French skier brought together an international, 100% female cast, including American freeride icon Michelle Parker, Swiss Olympic slopestyle champion Sarah Hoefflin, the stylish Swede Jennie-Lee Burmansson, the most French of New Zealand riders, Margaux Hackett, American slopestyle powerhouse Maggie Voisin, American street skier Taylor Lundquist, young French rookie Manon Loschi, and French mountaineer and highliner Chloé Roux-Mollard. 

Recipe features backcountry freeride sessions as poetic as they are dizzying in La Rosière, the very first 100% female freeski park shoot in La Clusaz, and a no-nonsense street session in Salt Lake City, Utah. The skiing spaces here are varied, each with their own demands and canvas for creativity, each location highlighting the level of work provided by the riders during filming. Beyond the performances delivered in Recipe, Coline has chosen to reveal all the beauty and power of the collective on a female shoot, its individuals, and the strong yet delicate energy that they all possess and share implicitly when they are brought together. 

As the film progresses, “Coco” questions some of her friends about their early careers, the feminine influences they may have received, whether being a woman could have been a hindrance for them in their journey, understanding what inspires them day after day in their dedicated practice, and what makes the moments they experience on set so unique. 

In this new 100% female project, Coline’s approach is far from the clichés comparing men and women in the industry. Rather, it is an opportunity for her to portray the physical and mental commitment required for filming, as well as the fear, the measure of the risk and sometimes the renunciation that everyone can experience, which is a subject often less addressed by the male sex.

Featuring Athletes:

Michelle Parker
Taylor Lundquist
Manon Loschi
Sarah Hoefflin
Jennie-Lee Burmansson
Chloë Roux-Mollard
Juliette Willmann
Maggie Voisin
Olivia Asselin
Johanne Killi
Kirsti Muir
Margaux Hackett
Megan Oldham
Shiori Takahashi
Coline Ballet-Baz


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