Scary avalanche caught filmed from a chairlift at Vars La Forêt Blanche in the Hautes Alpes of France where two skiers without safety equipment were caught in a slide. Fortunately these two were rescued but the lack of safety equipment made that probability much lower. Vars is aware of the video posted by big mountain ski competitor Wadeck Gorak and had this to say:

“Thank you Wadeck Gorak for this video and prevention message, so important at the start of the season always have your safety equipment (DVA, shovel, probe) and know the weather conditions before heading off the tracks.”

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This weekend we made the opening at Vars La Forêt Blanche in a superb atmosphere with optimal conditions and going up on the new speedmaster chairlift which opens up a superb area but which makes an important off-piste area accessible without having to walk and we have saw a lot of people without safety equipment and no experience, tempted by this face when the avalanche activity was very present.
People just unaware of the risk it represented to descend here on such a day without experience despite the dissuasive speech of the trackers.
We witnessed this avalanche live which fortunately ends well for these two people who have absolutely no safety equipment.
What unfortunately did not happen was the case of a person around 4 p.m. who lost his life despite strong reactivity on the part of the trackers on a war footing but without avalanche detection equipment it was very difficult to find that person in time.
Be careful about asking for advice, there’s no shame in that if it can save your life.

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