Facing housing shortages for essential workers, the Town of Vail has called upon 230 homeowners and property managers with short-term rental licenses, asking them to assist in providing housing throughout the ski season via a letter. According to Vail Daily, the letter was spawned out of the need to fill seven bus driving positions, but town management hopes the letter will have an impact on a more general span of business and essential work in the town.

“The town of Vail is urgently seeking additional housing units for essential workers this winter season. The Town is asking all second and primary homeowners to consider a long-term or seasonal lease with the Town of Vail for this purpose. We are asking all property managers to forward the message to clients who might be interested in such a lease.” – Vail letter to homeowners and property managers

Before the beginning the school year in August, Eagle County school district’s Superintendent Philip Qualman mailed a similar letter to property owners throughout the county, asking for vacant houses and other properties to be used for district employees. 125 rentals were added to the district’s internal classified board following the letter, but many of the properties were still too expensive or undesirable for staff.

“The essential employees needing housing are vital to our town’s operations that help make Vail a premier community.” – Vail email to homeowners and property managers

Throughout the past year, the Town of Vail has fought against Vail Resorts over the construction of employee housing at the Booth Heights property, claiming to be protecting a big horn sheep population in the area. Controversy surrounds that case, especially given that the town has already built a prep school and several large homes int he area.

If you’re interested in offering your home or property in Vail, the town asks that you reach out to Matthew VanEyll at mvaneyll@vailgov.com.

Image Credit: FACEBOOK/Town of Vail – Government

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