Montana’s own Montucky Cold Snacks (one of my personal favorite beers to drink while eating lunch in a resort parking lot) teased a little something for us skiers and snowboarders.

It what seems to be a partnership with Weston, the company released images of skis and a snowboard on their Instagram, and they look dope. As of now, there’s very little information surrounding the width, lengths, or really anything else about this gear, but the skis feature Montucky’s unique colors and horse while the snowboard features Montucky’s rainbow and pegasus design.

Again, very little is known about these skis and snowboard, including whether or not they’ll actually be released, but man I sure hope they are. There’d be nothing quite like drinking a Cold Snack while clipping into Cold Snack skis, that’s for sure.

“should we release these suckers into the wild or is the world not ready for the amount of shred that is going to be had?” – Montucky Cold Snacks

Featured Image Credit: Montucky Cold Snacks via Instagram

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