Will Killington Have Enough Snow For The World Cup?

Will Killington Have Enough Snow For The World Cup?


Will Killington Have Enough Snow For The World Cup?



Killington Resort (Vermont) was ecstatic that they were able to get their snowmaking operations underway a couple of weeks ago.

The resort wasn’t able to blow a significant amount of snow during the initial window, but it seemed that they would have enough time to cover the trails needed for their annual FIS women’s world cup event hosted the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Now, it’s not looking so promising.

Seasonably warm temperatures are expected to hit New England throughout the next two weeks with highs in the low-60s and lows in high-40s.

^Killington weather forecast.

With only 3 weeks to go until the world’s best women’s Slalom and Giant Slalom skiers are expected to compete, people are starting to wonder if the event will be cancelled entirely.

Cancelling the event wouldn’t be unprecedented. The World Cup has already cancelled multiple European events this season season due to lack of snow.

A quick look at Killington’s webcams show that the resort’s small amount of snow that was made earlier in the month has completely melted away. That’s less than ideal.

^Screenshot of Killington’s Superstar Cam, home to the Audi FIS World Cup. Taken at 12:20PM on 10/31/22

Will Killington have enough time to make snow leading up to the world cup race once this warm spell breaks? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but if anybody can make it happen, it’s Killington.

Killington’s snowmaking system is so impressive that I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re able to accomplish their goal in just a matter of days.

Here’s hoping it all works out.

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