“Our team accomplished a lot over the summer, and we are excited to celebrate Bogus Basin’s 80th Anniversary year. As a non-profit, earnings go back into the operation for the benefit of our guests, not to outside investors.”Brad Wilson, General Manager of Bogus Basin.

Boise’s home mountain is Bogus Basin. The mountain is a bit of a sleeper when it comes to Idaho ski areas, but it’s actually one of the largest in the state. With Boise being one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, Bogus Basin is aiming to keep expanding in the coming years. KTVB and BoiseDev are reporting that the ski resort has spent around $5 million on various projects around the ski resort. Here are some of the major improvements for the 2022-23 season.

  • New Trails: Over on the front side of the mountain, the Basin is adding two new trails. Independence will be a roomy intermediate trail, while Blackbird is a spacious and open advanced run. Both of these runs, which total eleven acres, are groomable.
  • Night Skiing Expansion: Night lights have been added to the Superior and Sunbeam trails off the Superior Express chairlift. This doubles the amount of night skiing terrain that’s located on the Superior Express. Night lights have also been added to the widened Sunshine trail. With the lighting additions, Bogus Basin now has over two hundred acres of night skiing terrain.
  • Trail Widenings: In order to improve the beginner skiing experience, multiple runs were widened. The runs that were enlarged include Sunshine, Shamrock, Buttercup, and Sleepy Hollow.
  • Chairlift Capacity Increases: New chairs have been added to the Superior Express and Morning Star lifts, increasing each of their capacities by 30%.
  • Brush Cutting: As part of the USFS Bogus Basin Forest Health Project, brush removal took place in the Pine Creek area, which included the Pine Creek Bowl and Pine Creek lift line trail.
  • Snowmaking Improvements: Bogus doubled their water capacity, which will allow them to blow more snow, as they are aiming to open on November 24th. Top-to-bottom snowmaking has also been added to the Sunshine trail.
  • Introduction Of RFID: Instead of using traditional ticket scanners, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification ticketing technology) gates will be located at each chairlift, which has become pretty common in the North American ski industry.
  • Parking: Last offseason, Bogus Basin began the process of paving its main parking lot. During this offseason, they completed that project, making for fewer potholes and a mellower drive around while you’re looking for a parking spot. The pavement extends from Parking Lot #1 to the Frontier Point Lodge.
  • Other Projects: The retail shop is being moved to a larger space on the ground floor of the Simplot Lodge, new non-slip flooring has been installed at the Pioneer and Simplot Lodges, upgraded furniture and lighting have been added to the Pioneer Lodge,  the ski resort bought new rental gear from Rossignol, a Pistenbully snowcat and three electric snowmobiles have been purchased for this winter, and the Basin doubled their snowshoeing trail network.

In terms of future improvements, Bogus Basin has a lot of interesting ideas that could eventually add to their skiable acreage. To learn more about that, check out the Storm Skiing Journal’s podcast episode with Brad Wilson, who is the General Manager of Bogus Basin.

KTVB’s video piece that shows off the improvements and the new snow that they just received is below.

Image/Video Credits: Bogus Basin, KTVB

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