Arizona Saw Some Stunning Snowliage Yesterday

Arizona Saw Some Stunning Snowliage Yesterday


Arizona Saw Some Stunning Snowliage Yesterday


It’s looking like snow is in the forecast for the West Coast later this week, but the mountains of Arizona got the goods on Sunday. For those who don’t know, snowliage is when it snows on top of fall foliage.

Angel Fire Resort saw its first snow of the season on Sunday. The video from Angel Fire, which is below, is of their driving range on their golf course.  This means that there was likely more significant snowfall on the upper elevations (i.e. their slopes). Their projected opening day for the ski season is December 16th.

Arizona Snowbowl has already seen snow this fall, but it’s still great to see them get some additional snow in this present-day drought era. The end result is the yellow foliage in the lower elevations and snowfall on the mountain. A perk of their relatively new gondola is protecting guests from the elements on days like this, leading to a warm ride-up. Their projected opening date is November 18th.

Image/Video Credits: Arizona Snowbowl, Angel Fire Resort

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