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This hunter was out in the wilderness of Eastern Norway looking for moose when he had an encounter he’ll never forget.

You can see the big brown bear lumbering along over the ridgeline not noticing that the hunter is within yards until the hunter shouts out.

I hope he brought a change of underwear on his hunting trip…

Sondre Bech Sponberg:“This was on a moose hunt back in 2019 where i encountered a big male brown bear completely by coincidence. I just hit the mountain plains and readied my camera for spotting moose. My camera got a 3000 mm lens. Then suddenly this huge, wild bear came roaming towards me. I had to scare him cause he started to get too close for my comfort. When he was looking towards me i waved at him to make sure he could clearly see me. I didn’t wanted to provoke him. When he started walking slowly, he snarled at me, then he took off. My heart has never pumped so much adrenalin. the distance was about 40 meters.”