New Indoor Mountain Biking Park Opening In Vancouver Next Year

New Indoor Mountain Biking Park Opening In Vancouver Next Year


New Indoor Mountain Biking Park Opening In Vancouver Next Year


“If you’re in North Vancouver, what else do you do? This is ground zero for popular mountain biking – downhill, freeride, cross country – this is really where it all began. It’s recognized worldwide as such, the place where mountain biking in its current form started.”Mike Upton, Founder of West Coast Bike Parks Ltd and the Owner of North Shore Bike Park).

Out of all places to mountain bike, most riders don’t typically have an abandoned Sears on their bucket lists. Based on the people working on this new project in northern Vancouver though, this will be a must-visit for the mountain biking community. North Shore News reports that a 65,000-square-foot mountain biking park will be opening at the former Sears Canada store at Capilano Mall in February 2023. When the North Shore Bike Park opens, it will become Canada’s largest indoor mountain biking park.

The target market for the space ranges from preschool learners up to intermediate and advanced riders. The investors and trail builders for the project were critical in helping grow downhill mountain biking in the Vancouver area, which has eventually evolved to become a worldwide phenomenon. Mike Upton described the experience at the future mountain biking center as follows:

“It’s all wooden structures. It’s a lot of flow. It’s a lot of jumping and pumping. You’re indoors, so you’re not riding down a hill. But there is elevation, there is the opportunity to do some jumping, do a lot of flow and technical. It’s closely representative of what you might ride on the North Shore mountains, anywhere between here and Whistler.

There’s nothing nearly as aggressive as, you know, trying to navigate the black runs at Whistler Bike Park or even on Fromme, this will not go to that level, but it will nevertheless be fun for any rider who’s got that skill.”

This new bike park sounds like a fun way for bikers to get some turns in during the wintertime, or when the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor riding in the Vancouver area.

Here’s hoping it’s even half as cool as Cleveland, OH’s indoor mountain biking park Ray’s Mountain Bikes.

Image Credits: West Coast Bike Parks Ltd., Capilano Mall

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