LISTEN: Elk Releases Bloodcurdling Bugle To Fend Off Competition

LISTEN: Elk Releases Bloodcurdling Bugle To Fend Off Competition


LISTEN: Elk Releases Bloodcurdling Bugle To Fend Off Competition


Those of you who have visited Yellowstone National Park in the fall might be familiar with the sound of an elk bugling. It’s an unmistakably shrill sound that can be heard miles away.

Bull elk use the bugle to show their fitness to cow elk, and to intimidate other bulls in the area. It’s fantastic to observe from a distance, but please remember to give elk their space.

Yellowstone is reminding guests that elk can run up to 40mph, and bulls can be extremely aggressive this time of year. Please give them at least 25 yards of space.

Yellowstone National Park captured the incredible video below of a bull bugling loudly.

Make sure to turn your volume up (but not too loud)!

Hearing that sound, and not knowing what it was, would be pretty scary, right?

It sounds like it could be a banshee or some other kind of mythical creature, but nope. It’s just a male elk whose body is being flooded with up to 1000x levels of testosterone… 😂

Have you ever heard this sound while visiting Yellowstone National Park? If you have, you witnessed the bugle of a bull elk during their rut or mating season. Each bull’s bugle is different and acts as a calling card to females, letting them know that a strong mate is in the area. The bugle can carry for miles and serves a dual purpose of warning other bulls to stay away from the area.

While in the park, remember to keep 25 yards away from elk, as well as all other wildlife. Males are especially aggressive and protective of their territory right now, and they will not hesitate to charge you if they feel threatened. Elk can run up to 40 miles an hour so it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings. If an elk charges, retreat!”

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