Tiny Bichon Frise Chases Grizzly Bear (Video)

Tiny Bichon Frise Chases Grizzly Bear (Video)


Tiny Bichon Frise Chases Grizzly Bear (Video)


Why is it that little dogs are always the ones with the most bark?

The dog in this video can’t weigh more than 20 pounds! It either has way too much confidence or not enough brains, because it stupidly stares down a grizzly, runs towards it, and barks…

Gotta hand it to the little guy for his bravery, but yeah… he’s not winning that fight!


Anchorage, Alaska, USA: “My daughter and I were on a walk. We live in an area called bear valley in Anchorage, Alaska. My daughter Hazel was very worried about seeing a bear, so we turned around to go back home and saw this massive boar grizzly bear. My little Bichon Frise named Ruger went after him barking but luckily came back after I screamed no!”

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