I need to start this short article by admitting something very embarrassing- I had absolutely no idea that The Beatles filmed a skiing segment for their 1965 film- Help.

I consider myself to be a huge Beatles fan, and a ski-obsessed maniac so you  would think I’d be aware of it, right? Shame. I have so much shame.

Anyways, enough of my self-shaming diatribe…

‘Ticket To Ride’ is a great song as is, and adding some stylishly-shot clips of The Beatles messing around in the Alps was *chef’s kiss* pefecto!

Whether you’ve seen the segment before or not, I highly recommend you give it a watch below.

It was filmed in Obertaugen, Austria in March of 1965.

Pretty solid, right? The Beatles were by no means fantastic skiers, but it seemed like they knew enough to have some fun out there.

I particularly loved that clip where they used those old-school pole baskets as a prop to change faces.

How has nobody recreated that in a ski film to date? Such a funny, yet simple, idea.

The video below provides an 8mm-behind-the-scenes look at The Beatles shooting the scene. There’s no sound, but it’s still cool to see how the segment was made.

Give it a watch:

The Beatles are rad. Skiing is rad. The Beatles + Skiing = Uber Rad.