Mount Washington, NH Blasted By Summer Rime Ice

Mount Washington, NH Blasted By Summer Rime Ice


Mount Washington, NH Blasted By Summer Rime Ice



A refreshing chill descended on the Northeast yesterday, and it apparently got cold enough for a thick layer of rime ice to form on the region’s tallest peak.

The Mount Washington Observatory, which sits on the summit of Mount Washington, NH at 6,288′ above sea level, shared photos yesterday morning of ice covering surfaces across the summit.

You can check out those beautiful photos below:

It seems like the cold weather is staying around at least for the next couple of days.

At the time of writing this article (9:30AM ET), it’s 29 degrees Fahrenheit with 60 mph+ sustained winds brining the ‘feels like’ temp to a frigid 8 degrees Fahrenheit at the summit of Mount Washington.

That’s pretty brutal for September 16th!

Check out the image captured by Mount Washington Observatory’s Tower Cam below.  It looks like the middle of winter up there!

We’re still a couple of months away from sliding on snow, but as we all know… “Time flies when you’re prepping for skiing.”

That’s a new phrase I’ve just made up. Don’t steal it from me. I might need to print that on a t-shirt that barely sells any copies.

Winter. Is. Coming.

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