Busch Light Handing Out Free Solar Cookers To Colorado Residents

Busch Light Handing Out Free Solar Cookers To Colorado Residents

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Busch Light Handing Out Free Solar Cookers To Colorado Residents


Busch Light is one of the many iconic cheep beers that’s often spotted at college parties, sports tailgates, and barbecues. Like every other cheap beer on the market, it does the trick. Is it delicious? That’s mostly up to the drinker, but I would say no, it’s not incredibly delicious. Is it good? Again, depends on your taste. I would describe Busch Light as just what you need. It’s beer, it’s got alcohol in it, and it will help you to have a great time if that’s how you seek out fun.

Busch light has a history of solid marketing campaigns. They’ve taken a dollar off the price of Busch for every inch of snow in your area, they’ve donated to conservation efforts, and they’ve paid people to place advertisements on their barns.

But now, in what has been an incredibly ruthless summer for natural disasters, they’re giving out solar cookers in Colorado. That’s right, if you’re a Colorado resident, by signing up on their website, you have a chance to receive a free Busch Light Solar Cooker. Why, you may ask, are they doing this? Trust me when I say it’s for a pretty great reason.

Busch Is Helping To Combat Colorado Wildfires With The New Busch Light  Solar Cooker | Whiskey Riff

85% of forest fires are started by human activity, and, as the website points out, a significant portion of those are because of poorly attended campfires. By handing out free solar cookers, the company hopes they’ll be able to reduce the amount of wildfires occurring in the state. On top of that, according to Marketing Dive, the company will donate small amount for every case of beer sold in Colorado, giving the money to One Tree Planted.

“The impact of forest fires has been devastating to America’s great outdoors, with the threat continuing to increase each year. As the beer brewed for the great outdoors, Busch Light feels an obligation to contribute to the conservation of our nation’s tree-lined vistas from the threat of forest fires.” Krystyn Stowe, head of marketing with Busch Family Brands at Anheuser-Busch, according to Marketing Dive

Will this initiative fix the issue of rampant wildfires across the state of Colorado? Absolutely not. But it might have an impact. And honestly, in these days, that’s a lot more than what a lot of other companies are doing. Whether it’s a marketing ploy or not, it’s doing something positive, and I, for one, am a big fan. I’ve already signed up to try to get my hands on a free solar cooker, and if you live in Colorado and want to do the same,  you can join the waitlist here.

Image Credit: Busch via Facebook

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