Anybody else feels like it’s somewhat weird that people skied the same resorts we do today more than 70 years ago? I know 70 years is a relatively short time in the history of humanity, but skiing and snowboarding feel even younger than nearly three quarters of a century to me. I know that those feelings are unfounded, but I still have them for some weird reason.

Arapahoe Basin is celebrating their 75th season this year. The Legend is legendary for a reason.

Anyways, the Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame uploaded a vintage video of skiers at Arapahoe Basin from 1952. The video doesn’t have sound, but is chock-full of excellent footage from the golden age of skiing.

I love watching the men and women descend the slopes with that unmistakable style of the time. Their long skinny skis are practically touching, none of their gear appears to be waterproof, and very few people seem to be wearing any form of headwear. Pretty great that everybody is nothing but smiles despite their lack functional gear.

There’s also some great shots of classic Arapahoe Basin trails that are still skied today, and some glimpses into what the ski area looked like before modern technology changed the lifts. I would do anything to ride that old single chair that used to take skiers to where the modern Black Mountain Express goes.

This video truly represents the good ol’ days of skiing and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it even though it doesn’t have sound. The history nerd, and the skiing fanatic parts of me were both satisfied watching this great video.

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