Crowd Goes Wild For Disc Golf Ace (Watch)

Crowd Goes Wild For Disc Golf Ace (Watch)


Crowd Goes Wild For Disc Golf Ace (Watch)


Call me crazy, but the Disc Golf Pro Tour is more fun to watch than the PGA Tour. Yeah. I said it.

On top of that, playing disc golf is a hell of a lot more fun than regular golf. The fact that I can walk onto a public course for free, not have to make a tee time, and play 18 holes in about an hour and half makes it perfect for my cheap, and impatient lifestyle.

Disc golf is cool, and I don’t care what you say.

Anyways, check out this clip of pro disc golfer Chandler Fry throwing an impressive ace on the 275-foot Hole 7 at Lake Eureka Disc Golf Course in Eureka, IL.

I’m still hunting for my first ace, and I’m a little ashamed about it. Sometimes I watch highlight reels of aces on YouTube in hopes that it will manifest into my own play. Is that weird? Maybe.

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