Photographers Approached By Grizzlies (Video)

Photographers Approached By Grizzlies (Video)


Photographers Approached By Grizzlies (Video)


A group of photographers was out on a hike in a remote part of Lake Clark National Park in Alaska. The group spotted three bears from 40 to 50 yards away and set up their cameras. The mama and her cubs continued to approach leading to this awesome footage below.

What an awesome, yet scary, experience that I’m sure this group will never forget. All they could do is stand still and hope that the bears would continue on their way.

Check out the clip below:

Jamey DiVietro: “This footage is from Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. It’s an extremely remote location. We had been out for 3 or 4 days observing and photographing this momma bear and her cubs. The two cubs were frequently wrestling and playing with each other; it was very fun and entertaining to watch them. On this particular day we spotted them about 40 or 50 yards away. We were a group of 5 with a guide. When we spotted the bears we stopped approaching them and set up our cameras. They saw us, and slowly started walking toward us. The cubs seemed curious about who we were. They continued to walk toward us until they came within just a few feet of where we were. We slowly moved out of their way and let them go where they wanted. Our guide explained that due to a variety of reasons, this part of Alaska has very unique bear-human interactions which allowed us to view them at a very close distance.


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