Shot Skips Off Pond Right Next To Hole (Watch)

Shot Skips Off Pond Right Next To Hole (Watch)


Shot Skips Off Pond Right Next To Hole (Watch)


For those of you new the sport of disc golf, welcome! I just started playing a couple of years ago, and learning the sport has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

In my efforts to constantly improve my game, I’ve been watching the best players compete on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. It’s entertaining as hell, and I feel like I have to constantly pick my jaw off the floor because they’re just that damn good.

The video below shows Paul McBeth, arguably the GOAT of disc golf, skipping a perfectly-placed shot off a small pond that’s sitting right next to the basket at the European Open (a Major tournament) in Norway.

I’m having some trouble embedding the video by itself from Facebook (thanks Zuckerberg), but you can watch the incredible clip if you click the arrow in the Instagram post below to the 6th video.

Sorry for the headache…

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