Three Grizzlies Close In On Photographer (Tense Video)

Three Grizzlies Close In On Photographer (Tense Video)


Three Grizzlies Close In On Photographer (Tense Video)


Bear spray can be the difference between life and death when you’re hiking through bear country.

The video below shows a photographer having a tense encounter with three grizzlies deep in the Alaskan wilderness. He pulls out his bear spray multiple times as the bears get way too close for comfort.

His description of the encounter has been embedded below the video.

Video uploaded to YouTube by Grizzly Alaska.

Grizzly Alaska:”My name is Caleb Jacques and I am a Grizzly Bear Safari in Alaska. This interesting encounter started when a male Grizzly bear began following a small young female bear in pursuit of breeding.

after forming a couplet the female bear began to become aggressive with other females in the area which is very atypical as females do not typical become territorial over a boar. However this bear did and even became slightly territorial with us there filming these interactions.

As you can see from the video here I did not actually deny my bear spray but I did have it ready when this young blonde bear came towards us.

in a situations where bears are acting unpredictably and are closer than 50 yards I recommend having bear spray ready to deploy as bears move quickly and that makes it very hard to decoy bear spray from a holster if you aren’t ready. NO BEARS WERE SPRAYED OR HARMED IN THIS VIDEO.”

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