Stocking 10,000' Alpine Lakes With Fresh Trout (Watch)

Stocking 10,000' Alpine Lakes With Fresh Trout (Watch)


Stocking 10,000' Alpine Lakes With Fresh Trout (Watch)


Ever wonder how lakes high up in the mountains are filled with a healthy population of fish?

The video below shows a plane dumping thousands of cutthroat trout in a handful of alpine lakes around the state of Colorado. In total, Colorado Parks & Wildlife will stock over 200 alpine lakes with more than 250,000 cutthroat trout this summer.

But don’t worry. The fish easily survive the drop because they’re small and released along the surface of the lake.

Check out the video!

“Flying Fish ✈️🐟It’s that time of year when we stock our high-elevation lakes by airplane. Because the fish are small and released along with water, they easily survive their airplane drop. Over 250,000 cutthroat trout will be airplanted into some 200+ alpine lakes across Colorado’s Rocky Mountains this summer.”

How can I apply for this job? I just need somebody to spend countless hours training me how to fly a plane and then I should be good to go.

Colorado- I’m your next fish bombing pilot. Sign me up!

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