Mama Grizzly Plays With Rowdy Cub (Video)

Mama Grizzly Plays With Rowdy Cub (Video)


Mama Grizzly Plays With Rowdy Cub (Video)


The live cams set up to the record the annual migration of grizzly bears to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska is an American treasure.

The cameras record 24 hours a day and capture dozens of grizzlies feasting on fresh salmon throughout the spring and summer.

The video below of a mama grizzly wrestling with her yearling cub was captured on this day 6 years ago, but it’s still as wholesome as ever.

Check it out!

“Play helps young bears gain strength and coordination as well as have a little fun. In 2016, bear 273 returned to Brooks River with her single yearling cub. Lacking a sibling to spar with, the yearling found a ready playmate in mom.”

Why didn’t my mom ever play with me like this? I could get my dad to rough house, but it seemed like I got put on timeout every time I tried to shadowbox my mom… What gives, mom?!

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