The Reviews Of Chad's Gap On Google Are Comedy Gold

The Reviews Of Chad's Gap On Google Are Comedy Gold


The Reviews Of Chad's Gap On Google Are Comedy Gold


^Every skier recognizes this image.

Chad’s Gap is one of the most famous spots in skiing/snowboarding, but I don’t have to tell you that.

We’ve all seen the video of Tanner Hall’s ankles exploding, the clip of Candide showing everybody up, and countless other pros send the big gap with Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon as the immaculate backdrop.

There are plenty of jokes that have circulated the internet about Chad’s Gap over the last decade.

Some say that Alta Ski Patrol “blew it up”, others like to walk around Alta’s base area asking where Chad’s is, and others like to call out T Hall’s famous line- “my ankles are broken” whenever Chad’s is discussed.

^Candide Thovex sending Chad’s in 1999. Credit

Well, I just so happened to search ‘Chad’s Gap’ on Google to look for that old clip of Candide, and stumbled into a gold mine in the Google Reviews section.

Yes, Chad’s Gap has been recognized by the powers that be at Google, and the public have taken it upon themselves to turn the reviews section into a comedic forum about the legendary spot.

You can read all of the reviews here, but I’ve taken it upon myself to post my favorites below. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did! 😂

^Gotta love that “ankles” is the most common word used in the 32 reviews. You might notice a trend in the reviews pasted below… I’m hoping T Hall knows that video will live on longer than he does. 

Nico Virgi:“It’s was a perfect sunny day. Woke up with hopes to dub Chad’s gap. My friends told me I had it locked in. Not enough spice on the speedometer…Came up short…found some dynamite in the landing then…BANG! My. Ankles. Were. Broken.*Crutches and a wheel chair recommended.”

Fletcher Wahl: Was fun until I decided to ad some flare on my hit. Right about 720 I knew something was wrong. There was this dead silence as I came around, then boom…. found out later that I broke both my ankles. The heli was about to come out and get clips too. It just Suckssss”

Evan Auer: “This place will break both of your ankles. Don’t recommend visiting until this place improves and stops breaking people’s ankles. 1 star.”

Braaap: “I went and broke my ankles, both my ankles are now broken, would no recommend.”

Taylor Rose: “Broke both my uncles ankles. Don’t recommend.”

Tyler Wong: “Went here with my grandma I didn’t even hit it but my g ma did and shattered both ankles”

Jacob Gehrett: “Ski patrol blew it up”

Collin Malone: “This place was so cool before ski patrol blew it up. Nothing much to see anymore sadly.”

Josh Trish: “10/10 would chad again”

Julian Jurkoic: “Got my ankles broken playing basketball the week before. So, I figured, “What’s the harm? You can’t break your ankles twice!” Let me tell you, you can, in fact, break your ankles twice. No landing, blown up with dynamite. 0/69″

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