WATCH: Morrison Jeep Trail Damaged By Landslides

WATCH: Morrison Jeep Trail Damaged By Landslides


WATCH: Morrison Jeep Trail Damaged By Landslides


The Morrison Jeep Trail is a difficult off-roading route in the Snoshone National Forest near Ralston, WY. The road’s signature feature is a series of steep switchbacks that climb out of Clarks Fork Canyon.

Heavy rainstorms have wreaked havoc in the region over the last month, and it looks like The Morrison Jeep Trail wasn’t spared.

YouTube channel Wyoming Jeepers shot the drone video below showing significant damage caused by landslides affecting the trail.

Wyoming Jeepers: “Landslides damaged the Morrison Jeep Trail switchbacks. Wyoming Jeepers Elgin and Melissa Cook checked out the damage to each switchback and the Clark’s Fork Canyon road using a drone. A few Yellowstone, northwestern Wyoming and south central Montana roads are closed due to flooding damage, mainly back roads but a couple of main ones too. Check the road conditions before heading out to avoid an unpleasant “Road Closed” surprise in the summer of 2022.”

It doesn’t look like anybody will be able to travel the trail until repairs are made. Those large boulders blocking the trail and the unstable ground are going to take a lot of work to fix.

Thanks to Wyoming Jeepers for the awesome video. I love being able to bring more attention to news like this.

Here’s to hoping the trail can be repaired soon.

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