'Aquatic Roomba' Cleans Waterways Of Plastics & Trash

'Aquatic Roomba' Cleans Waterways Of Plastics & Trash


'Aquatic Roomba' Cleans Waterways Of Plastics & Trash


The WasteShark is making waves across the globe.

Some are affectionately calling the device an ‘aquatic Roomba’, but it has a much more important task than just sweeping your living room.

The WasteShark is an autonomous drone that cleans rivers, lakes, ponds, bays, harbors, and other waterways of plastics, algae, trash, and other debris. It operates emission free and can store up to 180 liters (47 gallons) of waste on a single use.

Check out the product video below.

“The WasteShark by RanMarine is designed to remove floating pollution such as plastics, algae and biomass from lakes, ponds, waterways and harbours. The unique design of our ASV allows for emission-free, fast and simple deployment. Our ASV offers a cost-saving of up to 80% when compared with similar solutions.”

Could the WasteShark be part of the solution for cleaning our oceans and waterways? I don’t see why not.

Just deploy a thousand of these things near beaches in the South Pacific and they’ll clean up enough plastic to start a bottling facility.

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